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Baker’s New Fuel

The Heisman dropped three envelopes in the mail last night — inviting Louisville’s Lamar Jackson, Stanford’s Bryce Love and Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield to New York. If those three names sound particularly familiar, it’s probably because that invite list is drenched with Jungle Karma.

Lamar was one of our very first podcast guests, joining me on Episode 3. Bryce was on the show a few weeks ago. And while I haven’t interviewed Baker YET, Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley came in after the Sooners dropped the hammer on Ohio State — and Mayfield planted that OU flag right in the middle of the Horseshoe.

Which leads me to Mayfield. How big of a favorite is the Oklahoma quarterback to win the Heisman? So big that they pulled the odds on him a few weeks ago, BEFORE he went nuts on West Virginia and TCU in the Big 12 title game. At last look you had to lay 2 GRAND to win a hundred dollars, letting you know that while three guys got invites — and all three had seasons that warranted that respect — Mayfield ran away with this thing a long time ago, and spent the last few weeks just high-stepping it to the podium.

Now that being said, his season hasn’t been without some mis-steps, both on and off the field. The guy has apologized almost as many times as he’s thrown touchdown passes. Some for things I’ve got no problem with — like planting that flag; and others for mistakes that he absolutely should not have made. But Georgia fan — You know who this dude is. He’s the ultimate chip-on-his-shoulder guy. And he just got a freaking BOULDER dropped there by Dawg Fans, who apparently got their hands on his digits and went to town:

@Baker_Mayfield6 tweeted: To whoever posted my cell #, bravo. But I got it changed! And to the Georgia fans that had the kind words of encouragement… I applaud your creativity

Dawg fans, as much as I respect you getting this rivalry started before the ink even dried on the College Football Playoff bracket, are you sure you didn’t just want to just let this dude lie? You didn’t want to just let him spend December trying to juggle victory lap after victory lap on the Awards circuit — Mayfield a finalist for a half-dozen major awards — the Heisman, the Walter Camp, the Manning Award, the Maxwell Award, the O’Brien Award and the Burlsworth Trophy, given to the most outstanding college football player who began his career as a walk-on. This dude doesn’t need any more fuel. And you just emptied another barrel into his tank.

Look, we’ve seen what this guy can do in big games. He lit up Ohio State. He he lit up Oklahoma State. He lit up West Virginia and TCU and basically everybody he’s gone up against the last two years. And while none of those teams play defense like the Dawgs do — the best thing you could’ve done is leave this dude alone and wait for the Grandaddy of them all.

Let your D do the talking. Not your fans.

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