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Bad Call, Jer

Right now about 10 thousand miles from here, Tony Romo’s probably popping some Nuprin and getting another injection. Because the quarterback with a broken back was on the practice field in the UK today.

I just can’t help but think he’s going to be ON his back come Sunday. The closer we get to this game… The dumber I find it that Romo is starting it.

This is not a dude with a high ankle sprain or some pesky turf toe. He’s got turf SPINE. The man has a broken back! So Dallas has lost two in a row. Their chise has had two back surgeries! If anyone in the NFL should empathize with the concept of recovering from surgical procedures, it’s Jerry Jones. Nobody looks for you to start boxing after your monthly face carving, Jer. And yet you’re over in London risking your entire season by putting #9 in against the Jacksonville.

Forget making the start. Romo shouldn’t even have made the trip. Dallas has a real shot to do something this year. Finally. So you tell Romo to stay at home, stay comfortable, work his rehab, and chill for a full 4 weeks before he has to take hits again.

It’d be one thing if you were playing Philly this week. You’re not. Brandon Weeden struggled against the Cardinals. But even he should be able to beat the Baguars. What about this INCREDIBLE offensive line, the fact that he turns and hands it to the best running back in the game, and this spirited defense you’ve been blabbering about for 2 months? This is the time to lean on them and let your chise get right.

If you can’t man up and beat the Bags, you’ve got a lot more problems than Romo’s back. And if Weeden can’t do it, never mind the team, he doesn’t belong in the league.

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