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Bad, Bad Night, Chi Town

The Chicago Bulls haven’t played yet but there already in mid-season form.

This team has been an underachieving disaster for the last couple of years, and yesterday they went next level with it. In one of the most Chicago Bulls moments ever, teammate’s Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic got into a brawl.

Well, if you can call Portis breaking Mirotic’s face and putting him to sleep with one shot a brawl, then it was a brawl. You know that saying, dude broke that other cat’s face.. That’s what Portis did to Mirotic. Literally… Left him with a broken face, in this case a jaw, and a concussion, as dude reportedly napped it out on the floor for several minutes before being taken to the hospital.

I guess that’s one way to handle a dude battling for the same thing you are; minutes. Put him to sleep. End of competition.

Reportedly, it had been building between these two for quite some time, they’re talking junk to each other and Mirotic charged at Portis twice. Obviously, Portis wasn’t about to wait to find out what Mirotic had in mind, gave him the hands and the hospital job.

Think that might have impact on the team both on the floor and in the locker room; when one guy breaks another dude’s face.

In the meantime, as much as I love Fred Hoiberg, this is just another example of the guy not having any control of his team. This is not the first major problem he’s had there, and I’m sure it won’t be last. Hopefully, it’s the last time one teammate shatters another’s face. And GM Gar Forman was there to see it.

And doesn’t this guy have to wear some of this at some point? Does this guy pay attention to chemistry at all. Come to find out, just getting rid of Jimmy Butler and Dwanyay didn’t fix everything.

In fact, it would appear it didn’t fix anything at all.

Look, I’m not naïve. Some teammates hate each other. And might even throw. Happens all the time. But a teammate breaking another face, and leaving him concussed and needed reconstructive facial surgery doesn’t. Mirotic’s face is broken. And so are the Bulls. But fixing his face, is going to be a lot easier than fixing this team. And obviously, there’s video of punch; and you know the team went into immediate lockdown to make sure no one got it and tried to sell to someone. Because as bad as this is, it’ll be even worse if and when that video goes viral.

Terrible night for Chicago: the Cubs get punked badly in their own house and one Chicago Bull shattered another’s face. Bad, bad night, Chi town.

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