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Arron Afflalo talks Portland, Brian Shaw and more

Having been traded three times in his career, veteran guard Arron Afflalo said nothing prepares you for being dealt again, but it does help when you’re sent to a team with championship aspirations. Afflalo was traded from lottery bound Denver to Portland at this year’s trade deadline.

“It’s just one of those things you just deal with it, you deal with it you move on, you make the best of it,” Afflalo told The Jim Rome Show. “But I knew this time around, I knew it would be for the better because I would be going to a team that was trying to compete to win.”

The Trail Blazers acquired Afflalo with the thought of adding some depth to their thin bench, but that changed last week when starter Wesley Matthews ruptured his Achilles, something Afflalo says shook the team to their core.

“It was tough. It was an emotional loss for this team,” Afflalo said. “Not only because of the basketball player he is, but the mindset he had; they truly believed he was the heart and soul of the team and that’s a tough loss for us.”

Having been a starter for most of his career, Afflalo says he will do his best filling Matthews’ spot and hopes the team can continue to improve.

“Wesley’s injury won’t go down in vain,” said Afflalo. “I’ll definitely step up and try to continue to get better so that this team can continue to thrive.”

As for what went wrong in Denver and what may have contributed to the team firing Brian Shaw last week, Afflalo couldn’t pinpoint one particular reason.

“Obviously coach had some responsibility,” said Afflalo. “But us as players, you know, we had to find a way to connect with each other. It wasn’t all his (Shaw) fault, it wasn’t all managements fault. I definitely don’t agree with the players not giving effort or trying not to win. I just think it was a mixture, honestly.”

Afflalo wasn’t sure why Shaw, whom at one time was a highly regarded head coaching candidate by some, couldn’t get the job done.

“Coach was a great assistant coach, and obviously a great player at one point,” said Afflalo. “But head coaching is a different dynamic. You have to have that player-coach relationship and it just didn’t work out.”

  • Arron Afflalo
  • Mar 9th 2015

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