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Are You Kidding Me, Penn State?!!

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky nightmare, Penn State fired their icon and tore down JoePa’s statue. But they didn’t bother to clear out their email. Because they’re asking for Sandusky to come back.

According to, The Program sent a letter to one “Gerald A. Sandusky” in College Station, Pennsylvania, asking him about renewing his season tickets for 2015. Hate it when that happens!

You know how those group email lists go. You try to set it up to make things convenient, next thing you know you’re extending the olive branch to a serial predator. We’ve all been there. NO WE HAVEN’T. Are you kidding me, Penn State?!!

Yeah, your old coach isn’t going to be able to make it to a game next year. Or the next 30-60 years. And he doesn’t live in State College. He lives in State Prison.

And how furious is James Franklin? His stamped signature is at the bottom of this letter, which credits Gerald for displaying “unrivaled character, tenacity and loyalty.”

Don’t tell me it’s an honest mistake. It’s an inexcusable mistake. You tried to scrub Sandusky from your entire university… but you didn’t even delete him from your computer?? What… did you “Import Contacts” from the Cloud? Maybe you should put them in Groups. You know.. Friends.. Family.. Alumni.. convicted monsters. Call in an army of IT specialists and have them search and destroy anything that says Sandusky. I don’t care if you’ve got donors in Sandusky OHIO. They’re out. You’re embarrassed. And The Florida Gators including a serial killer on their calendar can’t believe the sandman’s on your mailing list.

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