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Apology Not Accepted, Baker

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield apologized yesterday afternoon for planting a flag in the Block O after Oklahoma’s impressive 31-16 throttling of Ohio State. After ripping up the Buckeyes secondary and throwing four second-half touchdowns on the board, Mayfield wants you to know that he’s sorry for being disrespectful:

Baker. I do NOT accept that apology. That is NOT an apology that I will accept. The only apology I will accept is the one you make to the Ohio State secondary — for setting their bodies on fire in the second half. Or to the State of Ohio, for your complete ownership of the Horseshoe. Or, for being sorry that you’re not sorry. Or you could’ve just gone Conor McGregor with it — assemble the media, make sure the mic is on, and then drop THIS ONE:

On second thought, I think Ohio State should be apologizing to you. For having Field Turf that can’t be punctured by a Flag Stick. For making it impossible to finish off that Moon landing. For laying down in the second half after you got the Sooners offense rolling — we wanted to see a shootout not a beatdown.

Because that Flag Plant was Epic. Your performance was Legendary. And you and Lincoln Riley just put the college football world on notice that THIS Oklahoma team isn’t like the other ones.

So I’m sorry Baker. Apology not accepted.

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