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Another Tony Parker With Mad Game

If your name is Tony Parker and you play basketball, odds are you’ve got some mad game. Both on the court and off.

We all know of the Spurs’ Tony Parker winning 4 NBA Finals, and being married to Eva Longoria for 6 years and now being married to the beautiful French journalist Axelle Francine. My man shells out dimes on the court and marries them off of it.

However, UCLA also has a Tony Parker on their roster, and like the Spurs’ guard, he too knows how to talk to the ladies. After UCLA secured a date with Gonzaga in the sweet sixteen, Tony Parker sounded as if he was looking to land one with CBS’s Allie LaForce… because he used his post-game interview like a speed-date. He answered any questions and when time was up, he left with a compliment.

Maybe it’s because he shares the same name as the 2007 NBA Finals MVP and is a 6-time all-star… or it could simply be the 28 and 12 he dropped on UAB, but my man is both flashing and spitting game.

Allie’s already taken, but you have to respect the hustle. Then again, the Bruins are still alive in a tourney they have no business being in. I hate that the Bruins are even in the bracket, but I love TP sweet talking the bracelet.

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