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Al Horford

Info & Stats: Atlanta Hawks Center

All Topics: Scoring a team season high 130 points last night vs. Sacramento | George Karl’s praise | Tim Duncan | Team basketball is what he enjoys | Ball movement | Training Camp | Running away with the East | Bullying video

Mar 10th 2015

Al on his 2014-15 squad: “I feel really confident in the group we have.”

  • Al Horford
  • Mar 10th 2015

Jan 20, 2011:

Al on if he wants the ball more: “I’m for what makes the team better.”

  • Al Horford
  • Jan 20, 2011 Interview

Apr 01, 2010:

Topics: Beat-down on Los Angeles | Jamal Crawford, a difference maker | First win over Orlando since October 2008 | Taking Boston out of the Big 3? | Thoughts going into the Playoffs | Playing for Mike Woodson | Josh Smith’s game-winning dunks; unusual? | MVP talk | Dunk over Tim Duncan | Awkward moment dunking against Duncan | Reaction after the dunk | Playing in his first All-Star game in Dallas | Pride in following in his father footsteps; growing up in the Dominican Republic | Father pushing for baseball, but then basketball.

  • Al Horford
  • Apr 01, 2010 Interview

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