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A Trillion Dollar Idea

Forget Melo. Forget Derrick Rose. Forget the World Series. The game you wanna watch tonight is in Sac-town.

Kings-Warriors and I’m all over it because of Sacramento’s owner. Vivek Ranadive helped buy the Kings for over half a bill… And he’s got a trillion dollar idea. He’s been trying to sell head coach Mike Malone on a strategy where the team will use only 4 players back on defense… With one player permanently staying at the other end of the floor to get quick, easy baskets. An all-time cherry picker? I’m all over this.

Any time the Kings get a defensive stop… They immediately chuck it to the Cherry for a gimme bucket. Rudy Gay… ALL DAY. I love it.

In fact, why stop there… Sacramento should triple-team the opponent’s best player for the entire game. And for big possessions… Have somebody get on Boogie Cousins’ shoulders to protect the rim. Go all in. Don’t tell me my man Vivek isn’t changing the game.

It’s not like we haven’t seen cherry picking work… Just watch any pickup game and look for the lazy jacker with his hand up calling for the rock. No D. All 3s. The West is loaded. You have to think different. If the Kings want to start winning, they’ll listen to the owner and start picking.

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