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A Slap In The Face To Wisconsin

Badger fan, I could give you my reaction to you losing Gary Andersen. But I think I’ll just give the floor to your Heisman Finalist Melvin Gordon instead. “I was shocked and didn’t know… I didn’t see it coming. It was a shock.”

I think Mel speaks for everyone in Madison. In fact, I think he speaks for most of Corvallis. Because Gary Andersen just peaced out of Camp Randall and jumped on the Oregon State job. That really happened. Nebraska hiring Mike Riley didn’t see Andersen to Oregon State coming.

But maybe the Badgers should have seen Coach leaving… Why would Andersen run from a Midwest powerhouse for a 3rd Tier Pac 12 team? Maybe the same reasons Bret Bielema bounced from going to 3 straight Rose Bowls to going to then 4-8 Arkansas.

Andersen was reportedly bent over not being able to pay his assistants what he thought they were worth, and frustrated by school’s admission requirements. The school has nothing to apologize for regarding its academic integrity but Nothing will enrage a head coach like losing a 4-star guy because of his GPA, only to see him to go someone else and come back and beat his brains in.

Apparently Oregon State told Andersen… we’ll get kids in, and we’ll hook your staff up, Go Beavs! And sit on it, Wisconsin.

Good hire for OSU, and a slap in the face to Wisconsin… Weren’t we just talking about how Wisconsin was killing it? In the last 5 days they’ve lost 59-0, lost Gordon to the draft, and lost Andersen to Oregon State. SMH. It’s officially basketball season in Sconnie. Bo Ryan, the ball’s yours.

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