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A Ridiculous Take

Nobody churns out BS quite like NFL coaches, of bad teams coming off the Bye Week. They’ve got this thing fixed! They’re gonna beat the world! They’re going to win the rest of their games! Take Jay Gruden… He all but convinced himself that Washington won all the games they’ve already played.

Apparently the Grudes spent his vacay breaking tape, and he thinks Washington is THIS CLOSE to being in first place. “When you go back and look at what’s going on, being 3-6, you look at the six losses and there’s a play here, a play there where we’re just so close to being 7-2 instead of 3-6.”

PREACH, Jay. I feel the same way. If I had just another number here, a different number there… I was this close to winning the Powerball last week! Take me into the dark room coach. When you guys lost by 31 to the Giants on your home field… Exactly what were those plays you needed to get that win? A blocked punt, a kick return touchdown, 2 pick sixes and another blocked punt? Not sure what tape you were watching, Coach. But it sounds like you pulled it out of the Bob Griffin edit bay and all those F-minus plays got ripped out.

What a ridiculous take. You’re bad. Own it. The Raiders are 0-9. You don’t hear them saying they’re just a bit of bad luck away from 8-1. And trust me Jay… It works both ways. I’ve seen your guys play… if anything… You’re a couple of plays away from 1-8.

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