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A Nightmare Matchup

Warrior Fan – I tried to tell you last week. The Grizzlies are no joke. And Tony Allen said it himself about Steph Curry: “Ain’t nothing I ain’t never seen before.”

And since The Grindfather dropped that triple double negative, Golden State has dropped 2 of 3, and they’re a couple Grizz wins away from going home. Don’t believe that angle about how “The Grizzlies are a nightmare matchup for the Warriors.”

They’re a nightmare matchup for everybody. Two ogres in the post and what feels like about 15 wing defenders battling on the outside.

Look at the point totals of Golden State’s two straight losses. The team that can usually hit 110 in its sleep only scored 89 and 90. Welcome to a Memphis series.

Steph Curry is wearing Mike Conley the second he hits the floor. Klay Thompson looks frustrated, he’s actually bricking free throws… And Draymond Green hasn’t been heard from in about a week.

I’d ask- Where the hell are you, D? But I already know- he’s getting lost in Big Marc and Z-Bo. Even the big bloke Andy Bogut can’t do his thing defensively because he keeps getting pulled out of the paint by Gasol popping 15 footers.

This series is far from over, but Golden State looks so out of sorts right now… and that’s what the Grizz do to you- they make you get dirty and play their game.

If this was MMA- The Warriors would want to stay in stand up and electrify the octagon with head kicks and flying knees. But the Grizzlies go to the mat and grapple for the entire fight.

Golden State has cruised for 6 months, and now they’ve gotten their beaks bloodied two straight nights. Could a team that won 67 games really get bounced in the second round?? Now that’s something we ain’t never seen before. But if they go down again in the Grindhouse tonight- we will.

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