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A Close Win, Feels Like A Loss

Kentucky is so good – that they shock the country when they almost lose. In fact, a close win, feels like a loss. Ole Miss pushed UK to OT, and you would have thought they beat them by 40. I expected a vodka party in the Ole Miss Grove and congratulatory tweets from Eli Manning.

Instead it was just a bump in the road for the Wildcats on their way to their supposed undefeated season. And allow me to burst the bubble for the Big Blue Nation right now – you’re not going undefeated. And no, they couldn’t beat the Lakers. If Anthony Davis and that group of freaks he ran with three years ago lost twice, this team will too before too long…because Ole Miss reminded them that the jumpshot is the great equalizer.

The Cats nearly got knocked out because the Rebels shot the lights out. Happens. It doesn’t matter if John Calipari has five-star kids falling out of his ears…. a team shoots over 50% from three like ole Miss did and Big Blue will eventually lose. And I get the sense that Cal almost WANTS them to. “This team needs to keep getting hit in the mouth.”

Damn straight. Bleed now, so you can ball in March. I know the nation wants to see drop a perfect season, but the guy who runs that nation wants them to get their teeth knocked out for a “teaching moment.” UK is about cutting down nets, not running the table. They’re incredible. But they’re beatable. The Commonwealth is dreading it. The Coach is practically begging for it. And before long he’s going to get it.

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