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8/31/2017 Dodgers, Broxton, Swinney

Hour 1

Chill, Dodger Fan | Tom Izzo (Jud Heathcote) Interview | Keon Broxton Saves The Season

Hour 2

Neil Walker (MLB) Interview | Mark In Boston Checks In | Dabo Swinney (College Football) Interview

Hour 3

The Freaking Hamilton Ti-Cats | NFL Tweet Battle | Alex Solis Joins Jim In Studio


Dabo Swinney

Clemson Head Coach on expectations of coming off of winning last season’s national title: “We’re definitely not defending anything.”

Neil Walker

Milwaukee 3rd baseman on being traded to a team where every game counts again: “It’s huge.”

Tom Izzo

Michigan State Head Coach talks about the passing of his mentor, Jud Heathcote.

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