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8 Down, 74 To Go

It’s taken a couple weeks and seven losses, but Laker fans have formed two groups. TeamCarFlag who are humiliated by every loss. And TeamTank who are terrified LA’s going to get a win.

If you’re a member of the Tank Nation who’s all about retaining that Top 5 protected pick next year…. then you were loving Lakers-Pelicans last night. If you see defense that bad in New Orleans… it’s being run by Rob Ryan.

Not last night. Kobe Bryant called the whole game a layup line. I don’t know Koab….it looked more like a dunk contest to me.

Anthony Davis can make a lot of teams look bad. And it took the Big Brow to finally get Byron Scott mad. In case you were wondering, Coach is definitely not a member of Team Tank. “They got pretty much anything they wanted in the paint with no resistance whatsoever. It was just terrible… And I don’t know if it’s because they’re incapable of doing it or not.”

I do. And the answer is YES. They’re incapable. What- you think Carlos Boozer is just going to elevate and swat Davis? Not happening. Nor would I expect much in the way of resistance from Jordan Hill either.

Sure, Byron finally lost his (bleep). And the Lakers did get smashed again. Just remember every loss is actually a big win for these guys. Hashtag TeamTank. 8 down 74 to go.

Man down, fellas!

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