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7/7/2017 Knicks, Tips, Urlacher

Hour 1

Knicks Going To Knick | Jon Morosi (MLB) Interview | Brian Urlacher (NFL) Interview

Hour 2

Andre Roberson’s 2.86% Tip | Roberson Reaction | Awful Tennis Injury With No Help

Hour 3

Smack-Off 23 RSVPs | Josh Hart (NBA) Interview | Week That Was


Brian Urlacher

Former NFL Linebacker on if he still has the itch to play: “No.”

Jon Morosi

MLB Insider on the Chicago Cubs at the trade deadline: “I think they will try to add a starter.”

Josh Hart

Lakers Rookie shares his story with Jim.


Go New York Go!

The Knicks are going to Knick and this time, they’ve almost out-Knicked themselves.
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2.86% Tip?

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Andre Roberson is having himself a week.
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