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73 Down, 9 To Go

I’m declaring a state of emergency at Staples Center. Because the LA Lakers are about to let 5 months of hard work go to waste. Their dream season is getting choked away.

At the beginning of every year- you scan the schedule for the stretch run and point out those games that can make or break your season. And when the whole point of your season is to lose 60 games… AT Philly on March 30th scares the hell out of you. Because the Sixers are one of the only teams WORSE than you. T’s not just a trap game. It’s terrifying. And last night for Laker fans – the nightmare was real.

What in the hell was that?? And what’s with all the hugging and high fives? You just beat the Sixers in overtime. Are you guys actually trying to kiss that top 5 pick goodbye?? Because suddenly Jordan Clarkson is Maj Johnson and Wayne Ellington is “Big Game Wayne.”

I know there’s no quit in Byron Scott, but I don’t know how Jim Buss didn’t run out on the floor with a ladder and block that shot. Or pull a fire alarm. Or kill the power. Or cherry bomb the toilets and flood the floor. Or get on the phone and trade all his players after regulation. Or something! OR anything!. Because no, this is not their second “win” over the Sixers in two weeks. It’s their second disastrous LOSS.

Fighting through overtime? They should be quitting in the first quarter. These world beaters still have games against Denver, Minnesota and Sac town. All dangerous. Because they’re all winnable.

You’ve worked too hard, and won too little… To go and blow it now. 73 down. 9 to go. Lose them all and close the show.

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