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7 Cleans Shop

Black Monday came two weeks late in Denver. If the Broncos won their 4th straight division title, then why were their coaches cleaning out their desks yesterday? Because ol #7 doesn’t play.

John Fox won 46 regular season games, and just got fired by John Elway because he lost 3 post-season games. Well actually… they “mutually agreed” to part ways. I get that we’re in the era of “Conscious Uncoupling” – but that doesn’t mean an Unconscious Whacking doesn’t still go down. John and John mutually agreed? Right. Elway said you’re fired and Fox said I agree.

Most other teams would have extended Fox’s deal. Well, actually the Broncos did. Back in April. But when your boss has two Super Bowl rings – you can’t have two one-and-dones like Fox has.

The fact that Fox won a playoff game with a throwing fullback circus performer like Tim Tebow is incredible… but not winning a ring with Peyton Manning makes him fireable. And it’s not just that they lost. But how they lost. In embarrassing fashion. By getting curb stomped on the biggest stage last year. And going one and done two other times.

Elway is not a division title kind of guy. And he’s not a “definition of insanity guy.” And he’s not just going to keep running the same crew out there so they can get punked in mid January every year.

The problem is – he could bring in Bill Belichick to run that squad and they’re not winning squat if Peyton Manning’s arm is shot.

I get why 7 cleaned shop. He’s a gangster. But his biggest problem may not be the Fox. And it could be the Mallard.

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