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5/16/2017 Pop, Zaza, Mannix

Hour 1

Celtics And Penguins Win Reaction | Alvie Struggles With Edit | Chris Mannix (NBA) Interview

Hour 2

Pop Goes Off On Zaza | Bruce Bowen Talks | Jason Cole (NFL) Interview

Hour 3

Parody Larry Doesn’t Have A Parody | The Hood Isn’t Himself | Martin Truex Jr. (NASCAR) Interview


Jason Cole

Bleacher Report Writer on RG3: “He can’t play.”

Chris Mannix

NBA writer on how LeBron James looks: “Extremely dangerous.”


Man’s Game From Man Bun

Kelly Olynyk?! This cat went Larry Legend in the last 12 minutes with — 14 fourth-quarter points… exactly 14 more than John Wall scored in the game’s final quarter.
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Pop Goes Off On Zaza

To hear Spurs fan, Pachulia went all Gillooly on Kawhi, waiting for him to come off the practice floor and smashing him in the ankle with a lead pipe.
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Not Dead, Can’t Quit

Don’t count out the Penguins.
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