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4/2/2015 CP3’s Back, Happy, Bumgarner

Hour 1

An Angry CP3 | CP3’s Grabbing Junk History | Madison Bumgarner (MLB) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • Apr 2nd 2015

Hour 2

Gregg Marshall’s Happy | Ty Montgomery (NFL) Interview | Conor McGregor’s Pressers

  • Hour 2
  • Apr 2nd 2015

Hour 3

Boxer Loves His Phone | Doug Gottlieb (College Basketball) Interview | Gronk On Showtime

  • Hour 3
  • Apr 2nd 2015


Madison Bumgarner

San Francisco pitcher’s biggest surprise about his 2014 post-season performance: “The fact that everybody thinks it’s such a big deal.”

  • Madison Bumgarner
  • Apr 2nd 2015

Ty Montgomery

NFL prospect wideout on his mother: “I just want to grow up and be like her.”

  • Ty Montgomery
  • Apr 2nd 2015

Doug Gottlieb

CBS College Basketball analyst on Jahlil Okafor: “The real deal.”

  • Doug Gottlieb
  • Apr 2nd 2015


CP3’s Back

Considering Blake Griffin says the Clippers have no home court advantage, it’s surprising to see this team fight to keep it.
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Best MVP Race In Years

James Harden just dropped a career high. 51 points of pure electricity. And this MVP race feels like a Presidential Election.
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Shocker Nation Is Cracking Beers

Never too late for a college basketball upset. Hey Wichita- you want a Shocker? Gregg Marshall’s staying!
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Hug It Out, Commish

So much for young kids dreaming about attending the NFL Draft. Because this year’s “cool kids” are stiff arming it.
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