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Were we really rapping about the ways West Virginia could beat Kentucky? Did we really say, with their press, and the way they get into people, they had more than a puncher’s chance against U-K? Exactly, what were we thinking?! Puncher’s chance? They were knocked the hell out. That’s how you get to 37-0. By winning by 39 points.

And at this point, they have no business being on TV so early in the evening. They need to tip-off at Midnight Pacific. Otherwise, children might be inadvertently exposed to disturbing and unimaginable images. Watching the Mountaineers get disemblowed by UK was TV-MA.

Then again, it’s not like the game was without drama. In fact. I was hanging on every possession. You never knew whether the Cats were going to throw a lob pass to Cauley-Stein… or just decide to take the easy bucket inside. Those were their only choices all night. Big Ruckus or short jumper.

I know this… they weren’t even annoyed by that West Virginia press. The Huggy Bear kicking it on that barstool offered just as much resistance to the Harrison bros as his press did. And this wasn’t really a basketball game – it was more like a game of Grand Theft Auto. In the second half – Kentucky was your gamer buddy, bludgeoning a random civilian on the street with a baseball bat until you have to tell him it’s not cool.

In fact, Andy Harrison got so bored- he started playing Horse. Try to make this shot on the driveway.

Yeaaaah, that’s gonna be an “H” for West Virginia and big time KO for Kentucky. For real – one of the most ridiculous college hoops games I’ve ever seen, from maybe the all-time nastiest team.

I wouldn’t start celebrating in the streets of Lex-Vegas yet. Notre Dame is really nice. But I gotta believe that BBN Makers Mark is already on ice.

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