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36 Down. 46 To Go

Right now the Clippers have a rap of being at their best against bad teams. So you knew they were going to be beasts against the Lakers. And the so-called battle for LA was barely even a basketball game.

The Showdown at Staples Center? I’ve seen customers at Staples trying to buy printer ink and toner with more intensity than the Lakers showed on the floor. The team with 16 banners hanging from the rafters lost by 25 points to the team with none. And really- 25 points was a win. That could have been way worse. Last year they lost to the Clips by 36. Then they lost by 48! But these warriors muscling up and keeping it with 25? That calls for banner 17 and a parade down Figueroa.

The Clippers held their own parade last night: Just rolled the floats right down the lane and ripped down the rack every time down the floor.

And if you’re looking for anybody on the Lakers to get bent, throw a chair, throw a punch…not happening…, they’re practically throwing in the towel. Kobe Bryant’s like… what am I supposed to say? “They are just better. They have just got the better players.”

They’re way better. And it’s not like they’re some ring-wearing juggernaut either. They’re the 6 seed in the West. The Lakers are “soft as charmin.” The Clippers aren’t exactly barbed wire. But they don’t have to be against LA basketball’s second class citizen.

The Clippers are a mansion in the Palisades. The Lakers are a dirty mattress in Chatsworth. The Clippers are Mr. Chow’s. The Lakers are Jack in the Box. The Clippers are doing 80 in the diamond lane. The Lakers are sleeping on a city bus. It’s not about them beating the Clippers, it’s about them not getting punked. Once again they failed at both. The ClipShow’s better. The LakeShow’s embarrassing. 36 down. 46 to go.

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