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36-1 Smack

Here we go. West Virginia v. Kentucky tonight, and we’ve officially arrived at prime Madness thanks to a teenager named Daxter. World, meet Mountaineers guard Daxter Miles. OR as the New York Post called him this morning, “Mighty Mouth.”

You know how Kentucky opponents stick to the script? The one that says- “They’re a tremendously talented team and we’re going to have to play a perfect game just to have a shot.”

Well Dax just shredded that thing. In fact he just scorched it with flames. Freshman comin’ in hot on Kentucky in 3…..2…..1…. FIRE IN THE HOLE: “I give them their props. Salute to them getting to 36-0. But they’re gonna be 36-1. They should be more intimidated. Because they’re the ones who have the high standard, and we’re coming for them.”

My man you’re going to burn down the arena with that heat. Salute to them? Salute to YOU, Dax.

If you’re going up against a juggernaut, you can stay quiet and just play your game. Or you can pound your chest and make them think you’re a little nuts. Daxter Miles running 36-1 smack on the Cats is William Wallace mooning the English.

I’m only shocked Daxter didn’t give a final score, and I bet he shows up to the game tonight with a net draped around his neck already. I like it, Dax. Now you’d better ball your backside off. Because I’d like it a little more it I knew you weren’t going to be wearing the Harrison brothers up and down the floor. If the Mountaineers lose, Daxter’s a foot note in the Cats iconic season. But if they shock the world, Daxter is the master.

I love a guy with Moxie – especially against a team who hasn’t lost in 5 months. Now just make sure you don’t lose by 20 points, D.

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