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3/5/2015 Beastbrook, Perry, Weatherford

Hour 1

Westbrook Triple Double | DJ Shoot The Ball | Matthew Perry Interview

  • Hour 1
  • March 5th 2015

Hour 2

LeBron Protecting Himself | Peyton Should Thank Elway | Pete Prisco (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • March 5th 2015

Hour 3

Steve Weatherford (NFL) Interview | Weatherford Interview Reaction | Emails and Call of Day

  • Hour 3
  • March 5th 2015


Matthew Perry

Actor on acting in The Odd Couple: “We are modernizing the TV show.”

  • Matthew Perry
  • March 5th 2015

Pete Prisco

CBSSports.com NFL senior writer on the Seahawks offseason: “They need to get help at receiver.”

  • Pete Prisco
  • March 5th 2015

Steve Weatherford

Giants punter on the NFL trying to make the game safer: “Goodell’s been taking steps every year to make the game safer.”

  • Steve Weatherford
  • March 5th 2015


Pay Cut Peyton

Everybody give Peyton Manning a golf clap. (give a golf clap). The old man is giving some money back. Sort of.
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Russell Westbrook has flipped the switch to Beast Brook. But everybody can stop comparing him to Batman. Yes, he rocked a mask. No he’s not kicking it in Wayne Manor. Batman was just a rich brat who was bankrolled.
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LeBron Doesn’t Fight

You ever wonder whether LeBron will ever fight? Well a big ol 7-footer up in Canada just tried to find out. Every alpha has to go eventually, right?
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DJ Shoot The Ball

Nobody in all of LA was as angry as Chris Paul last night. Show me the biggest road rager blowing a gasket on the 110 freeway, and I guarantee he’s all kumbaya compared to Chris Paul at Staples.
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Average Joe At QB

I’m still stunned by what’s gone down in the Shield over the last two days. I know there’s shell shock in Buffalo. And I’m past the trade with Shady and Kiko… I’m talking about the after shock.
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Heat Karaoke Night

I think we all have that one email every year that we all dread. The one that always pops in from the same guy, at the same time, inviting us to an event we know we HAVE to attend.
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