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3/4/2015 McCoy, Hamilton, Prohm

Hour 1

Eagles-Bills Trade | Fans Reaction to McCoy-Alonso Trade | Archie Miller (NCAAB) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • March 4th 2015

Hour 2

Richard Hamilton (NBA) Interview | Rip Hamilton Reaction | Steve Prohm (NCAAB) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • March 4th 2015

Hour 3

Kentucky Remains Undefeated | Callers React to Trade | McCoy Bad Tipper

  • Hour 3
  • March 4th 2015


Archie Miller

Dayton head coach on last year’s Elite 8 run: “Winning on that stage in March is everything.”

  • Archie Miller
  • March 4th 2015

Richard Hamilton

Former NBA All Star on what the Bulls would have done if they stayed healthy: “We would have won title.”

  • Richard Hamilton
  • March 4th 2015

Steve Prohm

Murray State head coach on NCAA Tournament chances: “Without question, we belong in the NCAA Tournament.”

  • Steve Prohm
  • March 4th 2015


Oredelphia Deagles

Chip Kelly is turning the Philadelphia Eagles into the Oredelphia Deagles. And he’s turned LeSean McCoy into a Buffalo Bill. And why did Chipper jettison Shady?
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Rex Shady Tattoo

Meanwhile somewhere in a Buffalo ink parlor, Rex Ryan is probably getting a “Shady” tatted on his lower back. Because he just got himself a feature running back.
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Eggs Tweeting 29-1

Kentucky is still unbeatable. And Twitter is still predictable. UK v. Georgia was my favorite chapter of my favorite 2015 tradition: Every Twitter howler celebrating the Cats first loss before it even happens.
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Hoodie Bill

And just a quick question about that Kentucky game – Does Bill Belichick EVER leave the house without a hoodie?
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Coach In Goal

I love puck. I’ve watched hockey my whole life. But, I’ve never seen what happened during Maple leafs – Panthers last night.
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Jimmy Loves Judy

Jim Harbaugh just had himself a day. And let me save you the trouble, Jimbo, we know: You attacked it with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Head Coaches are fanatical about their scheduling?
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Rock Chalk Throwback

The Kansas Jayhawks won their 11th straight Big 12 regular season title last night. 11 straight. It’s been over a decade since the Jayhawks had not earned at least a share of the Big 12 regular season.
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