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3/3/2015 Schilling, Millar, Hernandez

Hour 1

Schilling Twitter Trolls | Suh And Snyder | Ryan Tannehill No Interview Reaction

  • Hour 1
  • March 3rd 2015

Hour 2

Tannehill Reaction | Kevin Millar (MLB) Interview | Michael McCann (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • March 3rd 2015

Hour 3

Kyle Tells Story | Dog Caller | Postman Dog Stories

  • Hour 3
  • March 3rd 2015


Kevin Millar

MLB Network analyst on the tweets to Curt Schilling about his daughter: “When they go up to your family, that’s where you draw the line.”

  • Kevin Millar
  • March 3rd 2015

Michael McCann legal analyst on Aaron Hernandez’s behavior before murder: “My impression would be is that he was high on drugs.”

  • Michael McCann
  • March 3rd 2015


Schilling, The Twitter Enforcer

Outlaws, bullies and trolls run the streets in the wild west of twitter. But just know that there are still a few marshals who carry a badge and a six shooter. In fact, former MLB’er Curt Schilling carries a howitzer.
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OBC Hits Twitter

Finally here’s some Twitter news we can actually celebrate – The Ol Ball Coach has showed up to the party. 69-year old Steven Spurrier will now be spitting truth, 140 characters at a time. This is a victory for all of us.
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Suh And Snyder

Get ready to hang another banner in the District. The NFL’s annual champions of March may be looking to rip another Free Agency Lombardi. NBC Washington reports the Redskins are interested in signing Ndamukong Suh.
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Hard Work Defending Hernandez

I bet Aaron Hernandez’s attorneys could use a stiff drink. Because it’s gotta be hard work defending a guy who’ll shoot someone who won’t pay for one.
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Keep Tiger Out Your Mouth

Is Tiger Woods laying out, trying to fix his dome, back and swing? Or was he shut down by the PGA for using performance enhancing drugs? That’s what Dan Olsen, a former PGA’er seems to think.
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Hassan Goes MMA

It looks like Hassan Whiteside didn’t get the memo. Because he may be one of the last dudes in the NBA who will still go. And I get it – Whiteside’s had a long journey through the D-League and overseas, now he’s blown up with the Heat.
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Reddick Robbery

We know pro athletes will go to battle for the number on their back. Some guys care more about the digits on their jersey than the ones in their contract. But Oakland A Josh Reddick is not one of them.
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