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3/31/2015 Final Four, Eldrick, Mateen

Hour 1

All Big Dogs At The Final Four | Tiger At The Masters? | Mateen Cleaves (College Basketball) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • Mar 31st 2015

Hour 2

Denny Hamlin (NASCAR) Interview | Lakers Dream Season Going Up In Flames | Quinn Cook (College Basketball) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • Mar 31st 2015

Hour 3

Nick-Tator Is All About Second Chances | Bob Kraft And Aaronthal’s Loving Relationship | Gregg Marshall Alabama Rumors

  • Hour 3
  • Mar 31st 2015


Mateen Cleaves

Former Michigan State guard on Duke’s Jahlil Okafor: “I think he’s the best player in college basketball.”

  • Mateen Cleaves
  • Mar 31st 2015

Denny Hamlin

NASCAR driver on winning the STP 500: “This is just a big week for Joe Gibbs Racing as a whole.”

  • Denny Hamlin
  • Mar 31st 2015

Quinn Cook

Duke guard on the realization of going to the Final Four: “Overwhelmed with joy.”

  • Quinn Cook
  • Mar 31st 2015


2015 Final Four

Hate to be this guy on a Tuesday, but I have to ask anyway: IS IT SATURDAY YET? Because the 2015 Final Four feels more like WrestleMania.
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Don’t Hate On Governor Calipari

And allow me to double back… To Saturday Night and Kentucky’s state-wide heart attack.
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Wisconsin v. Kentucky

And now we get the match-up we’ve all been talking about for months. Wisconsin v. Kentucky.
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Pick The Izz In 2016

The biggest joke of course in the Final 4 is that Michigan State is some kind of underdog.
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Big-Time Bush League BS

The Atlanta Falcons are embarrassing. Even Arthur Blank used that word to describe his team getting caught for using fake crowd noise.
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Own That, Nick-Tator

Alabama head coach Nick Saban insists he’s quote “not sorry” for giving Jonathan Taylor a chance at Alabama after Georgia broke him off. No shock there.
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73 Down, 9 To Go

I’m declaring a state of emergency at Staples Center. Because the LA Lakers are about to let 5 months of hard work go to waste. Their dream season is getting choked away.
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Eldrick At The Masters?

Suddenly, it’s looking more and more like Tiger Woods might play in the Masters.
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“Can’t Knock the Heckle”

I think we’ve all gone to a game and had to sit next to a “heckler.” I don’t mean the drunk throwing F-Bombs or the zero throwing punches. I mean the guy who thinks it’s his job to get in the players’ heads.
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