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3/27/2015 37-0, Cheers, Howland

Hour 1

Kentucky vs. West Virginia Reaction | Sweet 16 Fans | Sam Malone Gets Some Run

  • Hour 1
  • Mar 27th 2015

Hour 2

Ben Howland (College Basketball) Interview | Frank Isola (NBA) Interview | LeBron’s Passive Aggressive Tweets

  • Hour 2
  • Mar 27th 2015

Hour 3

Seth Davis (College Basketball) Interview | Danny Shelton (NFL) Interview | Week That Was

  • Hour 3
  • Mar 27th 2015


Ben Howland

Coach on accepting the Mississippi State job: “I’m really excited to be back in coaching.”

  • Ben Howland
  • Mar 27th 2015

Frank Isola

New York Daily News writer on Phil Jackson’s 2014-15 Season expectations: “I think he thought they were going to be a lot better.”

  • Frank Isola
  • Mar 27th 2015

Seth Davis

CBS College Basketball analyst on if he thinks this Kentucky team could beat the 2012 Champs: “I really do.”

  • Seth Davis
  • Mar 27th 2015

Danny Shelton

Defensive tackle prospect describes the NFL Combine process: “A great time.”

  • Danny Shelton
  • Mar 27th 2015



Were we really rapping about the ways West Virginia could beat Kentucky?
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Sam The Man

I wish I could give Kentucky an A+ – but it really wasn’t a perfect performance. Because with under a minute left, John Calipari turned that game into a place where everybody knows your name.
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Daxter’s Prediction

You know who else’s name we know? Dexter Miles Jr. Or Dustin. Or Drexler. Or Baxter. Or Tractor. No… it’s Daxter.
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Irish Daggers

The corn just got shucked. And Notre Dame just buried the Shockers.
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On Wisconsin

The Badgers fought off UNC, and there’s a funny thing about this team right now that’s real scary: They’re not playing that great. And it still doesn’t matter.
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Rog’s Big Board

We all know Roger Goodell thinks he runs the world. And now we’re learning he wants to OWN the world.
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