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3/24/2015 Mean Dean, Ice Cream, Marshall

Hour 1

Mean Dean Spitting Knowledge | Travis Trice (College Basketball) Interview | NFL Owners Meeting

  • Hour 1
  • Mar 24th 2015

Hour 2

Gregg Marshall (College Basketball) Interview | Gregg Marshall And Alabama Rumors | Trevor Lacey (College Basketball) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • Mar 24th 2015

Hour 3

NFL Head Coaches’ Group Picture | My Favorite Wrestler | Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Mar 24th 2015


Travis Trice

Michigan State guard on his relationship with Draymond Green: “He’s like a big brother, mentor to me.”

  • Travis Trice
  • Mar 24th 2015

Gregg Marshall

Wichita State coach on where his Kansas win ranks: “I think it’s one of those top 5’s.”

  • Gregg Marshall
  • Mar 24th 2015

Trevor Lacey

NC State guard on beating East Region #1 Seed Villanova: “A lot of people doubted us.”

  • Trevor Lacy
  • Mar 24th 2015


Mean Dean Spitting Knowledge

The NFL Annual Meetings in Arizona are hilarious.
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Gonzaga’s Secret Weapon

You want to talk carrots? Let’s talk Teppanyaki, shall we? Because we may have found the secret weapon for Gonzaga – and it’s Benihana.
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Don’t Mess With Happy, Bama

CBS Sports says Alabama is looking to take a big swing with its basketball program and is willing to offer Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall $3 million bucks a year when the season ends.
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You’re Blowing It, AP

You don’t have the hammer in your hand, the team does. What are you going to do?
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Get In The Fight, Dwight

Are you getting the shakes because you’re missing the Madness? Breaking out in night sweats from withdrawal from your bracket? Flip on the Beard and watch the Rockets.
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