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3/23/2015 Rock Chalk, BBN, McConnell

Hour 1

Kansas State Champs | Sweet 16 Field | Pat Connaughton (College Basketball) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • Mar 23rd 2015

Hour 2

BBN. Must Be Nice | T. J. McConnell (College Basketball) Interview | Alabama After Gregg Marshall

  • Hour 2
  • Mar 23rd 2015

Hour 3

Chris Mack (College Basketball) Interview | Worst Reality Series Ever | KB Joins Jim In Studio

  • Hour 3
  • Mar 23rd 2015


Pat Connaughton

Notre Dame guard’s reaction to moving on to the Sweet 16: “I couldn’t have been happier for our group of guys.”

  • Pat Connaughton
  • Mar 23rd 2015

T. J. McConnell

Arizona guard talks Sweet 16.

  • T. J. McConnell
  • Mar 23rd 2015

Chris Mack

Villanova head coach on facing his mentor Sean Miller in the Sweet 16: “It’s tough.”

  • Chris Mack
  • Mar 23rd 2015


Kansas Has A New King

Rock. Chalk. Shockers. Kansas just got their nose broken by their so-called little brothers.
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BBN. Must Be Nice.

Imagine how good you have to be… To roll into the Sweet 16 by double digits and hear that you’re dropping parts.
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President Of The Windbreaker Nation

Speaking of UK Thursday night, West Virginia will be waiting for them.
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Rolling With The Zags In March

Anybody who has Gonzaga advancing in their office pool – probably had their grip on going up against Iowa.
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Another Tony Parker With Mad Game

If your name is Tony Parker and you play basketball, odds are you’ve got some mad game. Both on the court and off.
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The East Is The Beast

You may find this hard to believe, but I have an east coast bias. Because I am digging the east region. It’s bizarro bracket and I love it.
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Most Embarrassing Reality Show Ever

It was called the veteran’s combine, and was a tougher watch over the weekend than American Idol ever was.
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