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2/5/2015 Trojans, Pats Parade, Tim Brown

Hour 1

The Trojans Have Returned To The Mainstage | Mr. Belding Emails | Everyone Knows Letroy Guion Now

  • Hour 1
  • Feb 5th 2015

Hour 2

Tim Brown (NFL) Interview | Silk vs. Irie Craig | Eric Gordon (NBA) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • Feb 5th 2015

Hour 3

Steph Curry’s Man’s Game | Jason La Canfora (NFL) Interview | Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Feb 5th 2015


Tim Brown

Former wideout on being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame: “It’s still sinking in.”

  • Tim Brown
  • Feb 5th 2015

Jason La Canfora

CBS NFL analyst talks about the dysfunctional Cleveland Browns.

  • Jason La Canfora
  • Feb 5th 2015

Eric Gordon

Pelicans guard on Anthony Davis: “He can do a little bit of it all.”

  • Eric Gordon
  • Feb 5th 2015


The Shackles Are Off The Trojans

Signing Day is behind us. The recruits have put on their lids. The faxes are out of toner. And the recruiting class rankings look retro. Because USC is way up at the top.
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Do You Know Who Letroy Guion Is?

The cops who pulled him over didn’t. But that didn’t stop the Packers D-Tackle from asking them.
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Randle Arrested Again

The Cowboys running back probably thinks he hit the hole perfectly. Sure, I got arrested for weed. But some Packer got arrested with a whole car full of it. And some Colt got arrested for beating up a pizza boy.
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Best Show In The Association

Reason #9 trillion why living on the West Coast rules: It’s where Steph Curry balls.
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See You In The First Round Fellas

Here’s one for you old timers. Remember the Miami Heat? Whatever happened to that team.
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