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2/4/2015 Fax Machine Day, Lance, Spider

Hour 1

National Fax Machine Day | Lance Armstrong Lying, Again | D’Qwell Jackson Punches The Pizza Guy

  • Hour 1
  • Feb 4th 2015

Hour 2

Mike Farrell (College Football) Interview | Craig Robinson (Hollywood) Interview | Malcolm Butler Yesterday

  • Hour 2
  • Feb 4th 2015

Hour 3

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Sound | Anderson Silva Busted For Roids | Skank Outs Edelman

  • Hour 3
  • Feb 4th 2015


Mike Farrell columnist on who he thinks will have this years’ Top ranked class: “USC.”

  • Mike Farrell
  • Feb 4th 2015

Craig Robinson

Actor on Jay Cutler: “He’s always 50/50.”

  • Craig Robinson
  • Feb 4th 2015


Hit The Bricks, Freak

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended, without pay, for at least a year for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.
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Beyond Embarrassing

Loudest stadiums in the Shield – Century Link in Seattle. Arrowhead in KC. And that MADHOUSE down in the ATL.
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Commitment Christmas

Happy National Signing Day, AKA Commitment Christmas.
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Pats Fans Are Having A Week

They watched their Patriots win their first Super Bowl in a decade, and one of them was trying help a Patriot who’s looking at life in a cage.
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Papa Jackson

The 2015 NFL offseason is FLYING out the gates. Johnny Manziel’s in rehab. Josh Gordon suspended again. Terrence Cody apparently abuses (dogs and alligators). And D’Qwell Jackson is swinging on Little Caesars???
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The Greasiest Liar Of All Time

Lance Armstrong has now been disgraced on his bike AND behind the wheel.
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Spider. Roider.

Anderson Silva: Ambassador, all-timer, maybe the best ever, and apparently a roider.
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