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2/3/2015 D-Bevs, J. Football, Butler

Hour 1

Own It, Bevell | Malcolm Butler Story | Mary Kay Cabot (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • Feb 3rd 2015

Hour 2

Devin McCourty (NFL) Interview | Robert Lusetich (Golf) Interview | Ray Ray The Football Analyst Talks Integrity

  • Hour 2
  • Feb 3rd 2015

Hour 3

The Legend Of Ray Ray Checks In | Malcolm Butler (NFL) Interview | Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Feb 3rd 2015


Devin McCourty

Pats safety on being a Super Bowl champion: “It feels amazing.”

  • Devin McCourty
  • Feb 3rd 2015

Robert Lusetich

Fox Sports columnist on Tiger Woods: “He’s probably as bad as he’s ever been right now.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Feb 3rd 2015

Malcolm Butler

Pats cornerback on making the winning play in Super Bowl XLIX: “It didn’t really hit me until this morning.”

  • Malcolm Butler
  • Feb 3rd 2015

Mary Kay Cabot

Browns beat writer on Johnny Manziel’s career: “I think it’s in jeopardy.”

  • Mary Kay Cabot
  • Feb 3rd 2015


Own It, D-Bevs

It’s been two days, and the 12th Man is still shocked by the Super Bowl’s worst play-call ever.
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Super Bowl XLIX Conspiracy Theory

No way something as outlandish as that interception goes down without message boarders thinking there’s more to it.
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Rex Is All In

We know Rex Ryan can win the press conference. Now we’re seeing him try to win the city.
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Ray Ray The Analyst Talks Integrity

Remember back when Joe Flacco said that Ray Lewis’s pregame speeches didn’t make any sense at all? Neither does any of his analysis.
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Ravens Break A New Record

And it’s time to really start the NFL Off-Season. Ready….. set….. RAVENS! These days, it doesn’t really feel like the offseason until a Raven is in trouble.
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The Cat’s Mentally Broke

After an absolutely disastrous effort at the Waste Management Phoenix Open last week where he missed the cut, Tiger Woods looks to get right this week at Torrey Pines. That’s not happening.
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