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2015 Final Four

Hate to be this guy on a Tuesday, but I have to ask anyway: IS IT SATURDAY YET? Because the 2015 Final Four feels more like WrestleMania. All the big dogs. All the big egos. All the huge names. All in one place.

Cal. K. Izzo. And Bo. 4 Hall of Famers. 26 Final Fours. 6 National Titles.

This isn’t one of those years where there’s a cute little Rocky Balboa story where George Mason and VCU crashes the party and half the country cheers for Cinderella. No, these are the teams that SMASH Cinderella.

Try to pick which teams the most compelling. You can’t. Kentucky tasted its own blood, was this close to being 37-1 and now faces a Wisconsin team that matches up way better than Notre Dame did. The Badgers want revenge on the Cats badly from 2014 and right now the planet’s scariest shooter is Sam Dekker. Duke just totally locked down Gonzaga with their best defense of the year, and now Coach K has to convince his guys not to look ahead to UK. Because the Spartans don’t play. Michigan State is nailing their 2014 UConn impression. This 7-seed has as much swagger than any of the 1s, and they’re playing with more Mo than the team that’s 38-0. Beware of General Izzo. Fear Sparty.

This year in Indy, it’s bosses and dons only. This Final Four is the Fast and the Furious…. 4 days til tip, Noobs and mid-majors need not apply. You’ve gotta be a made guy.

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