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2 Sport Athlete, 5 Category Idiot

TMZ Sports reports: Jameis Winston may have been involved in a point shaving scheme to help an old high school teammate win a $5,000 bet.

According to this report, Winston went into the tank against Louisville October 30th after Chris Rabb allegedly placed a bet for Louisville to be winning at halftime: Winston played terribly, throwing 2 picks and FSU fell behind 21-7 at the half. FSU, of course, came back to win that game.

TMZ reports it’s not clear whether or not law enforcement is investigating. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if it is, would it really surprise anyone at all? Winston, is if anything, versatile. There’s no trouble he can’t get into. You name it, he does it.. Theft. Sexual assault charge. Public idiocy. Taking money for autographs, allegedly. Set ‘em up and he’ll knock ‘em down.

2 sport athlete, 5 category idiot.

And, if I’m an NFL team there’s no way I’m burning a high draft pick or throwing mad, guaranteed cash at him. No chance. Last guy that I would trust to be the face of my franchise.

Million dollar game, ten cent head. Let this dude stew in the green room. FSU SMH.

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