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2/14/2018 White, Cavs, Harvick

Hour 1

Shaun White’s Night | Martin Rogers (Olympics) Interview | Break Up The Cavs!

Hour 2

Dane Cook Tweets | Hot Take Nation On Golden State | Tiger Teeing It Off At Riviera

Hour 3

Jim’s Twitter Rules | Kevin Harvick (NASCAR) Interview | Denzel Perryman (NFL) Interview



Shaun White’s Night

While Chloe Kim broke out in a huge, fresh way on the women’s halfpipe, there was nothing new or fresh about what Shaun White did in the men’s halfpipe. It was just epic.
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Somebody Break Up The Cavs!

Cleveland 120, Oklahoma City 112.
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Eldrick’s Riviera Return

Not too many tracks on the PGA Tour get the love Riviera does.
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