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1/9/2015 Mueller, Playoffs, Boomer

Hour 1

Mueller Report Is In | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | NFL Playoff Predictions From Callers

  • Hour 1
  • Jan 9th 2015

Hour 2

Damian Lillard (NBA) Interview | NFL Playoff Talk | Bob Huggins (College Basketball) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • Jan 9th 2015

Hour 3

#JukeBoxFriday | Rob Konrad Is A Beast | Week That Was

  • Hour 3
  • Jan 9th 2015


Boomer Esiason

The former quarterback on Joe Flacco: “His play elevates at the biggest time of the year.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Jan 9th 2015

Damian Lillard

Portland guard on the 2014-15 squad: “Same team we were last year offensively.”

  • Damian Lillard
  • Jan 9th 2015

Bob Huggins

Hug on the Big 12: “Playing everyone twice is a chore.”

  • Bob Huggins
  • Jan 9th 2015


Mueller Report

Breaking news from the NFL…the Mueller report is in…and no one was broken off.
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Seattle vs. Carolina

I didn’t get to where I am by following the herd. And The Carolina Panthers didn’t get to the second round by accident.
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Denver vs. Indy

Have you heard: Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck insist that Broncos-Colts is not about the two of them playing each other.
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Rob Konrad Story

Rob Konrad won the week. You may remember this dude. Bad bad fullback from Syracuse, back when the Orange could still actually wreck shop.
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