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1/6/2015 J.R. Swish, Chris Christie, Helfrich

Hour 1

J.R. Swish Trade Is So Right | The Cowboys Secret Weapon | Le’Veon Bell (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • Jan 6th 2015

Hour 2

Details of Chris Christie and Jerry Jones’ Relationship | The Red Lobster Speaks With Oakland? | Al Davis And The Red Lobster’s Past

  • Hour 2
  • Jan 6th 2015

Hour 3

Johnny Manziel Out Clubbing | Mark Helfrich (College Football) Interview | C.J. Anderson (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 3
  • Jan 6th 2015


Le’Veon Bell

The Pittsburgh running back on not being able to play in the playoffs: “Very frustrating.”

  • Le’Veon Bell
  • Jan 6th 2015

Mark Helfrich

The Oregon coach on beating Florida State by 39 points in the Rose Bowl: “We had to knockout the champ.”

  • Mark Helfrich
  • Jan 6th 2015

C.J. Anderson

The Denver running back on why he signed with Denver as an undrafted rookie free agent: “I thought my football iq could handle this offense.”

  • C.J. Anderson
  • Jan 6th 2015

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