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1/5/2015 Cowboys, Cincy, NFL In L.A.

Hour 1

That Was Pass Interference In Dallas | Sam Farmer (NFL) Interview | NFL Coming To L.A.?

  • Hour 1
  • Jan 5th 2015

Hour 2

Patty Mills (NBA) Interview | Cincy Is In A Rut | Cincinnati Bengals Before Marvin Lewis

  • Hour 2
  • Jan 5th 2015

Hour 3

Asking The Pro’s Question | NFL Conspiracy Theory Guy | Ed Dickson (NFL) Interview And Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Jan 5th 2015


Sam Farmer

The LA Times writer on the possibility of the NFL heading back to L.A.: “This is more legit than anything we’ve seen.”

  • Sam Farmer
  • Jan 5th 2015

Patty Mills

The Spurs guard on not being able to help his teammates while recovering from shoulder surgery: “It was tough mate, it really was.”

  • Patty Mills
  • Jan 5th 2015

Ed Dickson

The Carolina tight end on Seattle’s 12th man this weekend: “I think we can use it to our advantage.”

  • Ed Dickson
  • Jan 5th 2015



This morning we got 6 billion reasons why this could happen.
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NFL Has Another Black Eye

Welcome to the 2015 NFL Playoffs, where penalties disappear and seasons die.
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Own The Loss, Detroit

I’m sure every single person in the Motor City is bent about that call…every last one of you should be. Just don’t tell that’s the reason you lost that game.
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Cincy Is Stuck In A Rut

Way back in October I said we could start the clock on the Bengals annual wild-card loss.
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Cards-Panthers Wasn’t A Football Game

Hate to say it, but Cards-Panthers set the sport back about 25 years.
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Bones Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

UFC head Dana White may need to rethink this thing.
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