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12/9/2014 NFL MVP, Mayweather, Cam

Hour 1

The NFL MVP | The Clip Show Is On Fire | Mike Freeman (NFL) Interview | Details Of Cam Newton Being Involved In A Car Accident

  • Hour 1
  • Dec 9th 2014

Hour 2

Derek Carr (NFL) Interview | Tom Brady Dropping F Bombs | Still Not Buying Dallas | Eddie Lacy Gloss

  • Hour 2
  • Dec 9th 2014

Hour 3

P.J. Fleck (College Football) Interview | Rowing The Boat | RGME Punting To Himself | Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Dec 9th 2014


Mike Freeman

The writer on Aaron Rodgers: “It’s remarkable what he’s doing.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Dec 9th 2014

P.J. Fleck

The Western Michigan coach on playing in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: “We’re honored to go.”

  • P.J. Fleck
  • Dec 9th 2014

Derek Carr

The Oakland quarterback on if he wants the team to bring Tony Sparano back? “Absolutely.”

  • Derek Carr
  • Dec 9th 2014



The Final Monday Night Numbers: Nearly One thousand yards. Eighty Points. 20 degrees. And 1 NFL MVP.
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Green Bay’s D Is Bleeding

Aaron Rodgers carried them to that win, but for the first time in weeks it feels like there’s some Packer blood in the water.
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On To Bleeping Miami

Tom Brady. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. And parents have to shield their kids from him.
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An Absolutely Horrific Story

TMZ is reporting Floyd Mayweather witnessed a horrid murder suicide on FaceTime.
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The Clip Show Is On Fire

Look out. The Clip Show has won 8 in a row. And now it’s just getting ridiculous.
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I’m Team Punk

At last! The WWE is coming back to the UFC.
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