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12/8/2014 CFP Field, J. Football, Eldrick

Hour 1

College Football Playoff Field Announced | Baylor And TCU Being Bent | Big 12 Co-Champions | Hour 2 Preview

  • Hour 1
  • Dec 8th 2014

Hour 2

Bruce Feldman (College Football) Interview | Chris McGee (NBA) Interview | Mystery Sound Bite | More Mystery Sound Bite

  • Hour 2
  • Dec 8th 2014

Hour 3

KB’s Clone Encounter | Mystery Sound Bite Revealed | Reaction To Mystery Sound Bite | Thomas Davis (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 3
  • Dec 8th 2014


Bruce Feldman

The Fox Sports Insider talks College Football Playoff.

  • Bruce Feldman
  • Dec 8th 2014

Chris McGee

The TWCSportsNet Host on the Lakers: “The mood hasn’t been great the last couple of games.”

  • Chris McGee
  • Dec 8th 2014

Thomas Davis

The linebacker on the 2014 Panthers: “We ain’t going to be pushed around by nobody.”

  • Thomas Davis
  • Dec 8th 2014


Big 12 To The Kids Table

Verrrrrrry slick trying to sneak in that unveiling right before NFL kickoff on Sunday.
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Geeked About These 3 Games

Meanwhile the rest of the country is screaming at the Big 12 to shutup and stop spoiling it for the rest of us.
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Hit That Robot With Some Rolaids

Give Tiger Woods this – he did finish the Hero World Challenge over the weekend. I think it almost killed him.
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What’s Your Deal?

Last week Jim Harbaugh claimed to have a recessive gene. This week he has a pathetic team.
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Football Was The Right Call

The Cleveland Browns just blew it. They didn’t start the rock star, and then Andy Luck ripped their hearts out.
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Mix In A Netflix Night Once In A While

Hey John, they want to pick you, why won’t you let them?? I know, I know, you’re just going to keep on living your life.
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Do Your Job

The Pats beat the Chargers because Bill Belichick has some bad dudes.
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