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1/27/2015 Radio Row Day 2

Hour 1

Robert Kraft Presser Reaction | Geoff Schwartz (NFL) Interview | Bill Romanowski (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • Jan 27th 2015

Hour 2

Brandon Browner’s Comments | Jim’s Super Bowl Prop Bets | Will Brinson (MLB) Interview

  • Hour 2
  • Jan 27th 2015

Hour 3

Chris Cooley (NFL) Interview | Frostee Rucker (NFL) Interview | Cameron Jordan (NFL) Interview

  • Hour 3
  • Jan 27th 2015


Geoff Schwartz

Giants guard on Odell Beckham: “Work ethic is off the charts.”

  • Geoff Schwartz
  • Jan 27th 2015

Bill Romanowski

Romo on the Patriots deflating footballs: “Hats off to them.”

  • Bill Romanowski
  • Jan 27th 2015

Will Brinson

CBSSports.com writer on media day: “Full blown circus side show.”

  • Will Brinson
  • Jan 27th 2015

Chris Cooley

Former Redskins tight end on RG3: “Good guy.”

  • Chris Cooley
  • Jan 27th 2015

Frostee Rucker

Arizona defensive lineman on his college coach, Pete Carroll: “He’s going to go down as one of the greatest coaches ever.”

  • Frostee Rucker
  • Jan 27th 2015

Cameron Jordan

Saints defensive end on his relationship with his father, Steve: “We have a phenomenal relationship now.”

  • Cameron Jordan
  • Jan 27th 2015

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