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1/23/2015 Brady Lied, Parody Friday, Crean

Hour 1

The Day Tom Brady Lied | Calling Out Ol #69 | Mark Medina (NBA) Interivew

  • Hour 1
  • Jan 23rd 2015

Hour 2

Tom Crean (College Basketball) Interview | Deflate-gate Day 5 | Parody Friday

  • Hour 2
  • Jan 23rd 2015

Hour 3

Lyle’s Birthday Weekend | Emails On Lyle’s Weekend | Week That Was

  • Hour 3
  • Jan 23rd 2015


Mark Medina

Lakers beat writer on the possibility of Kobe Bryant playing his last game in the NBA: “You never rule anything out.”

  • Mark Medina
  • Jan 23rd 2015

Tom Crean

Indiana coach on Jim Harbaugh: “So impressed with how he takes the high road on everything.”

  • Tom Crean
  • Jan 23rd 2015


The Day Tom Brady Lied

You know what they always say about Tommy: men want to be him… women want to be with him, and nobody believes him.
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Calling Out Ol #69

Finally some noise from the LOB.. One of their lieutenants says that Gronk really isn’t that good.
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Can You Hear That?

Anybody have the number to Johnny Manziel’s money phone?
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Shut It Down, Mamba

Unfortunately, we’ve heard this before: The Black Mamba is broken.
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Bowe vs. Beliebers

Quick Follow Friday for you: @riddickbowe.
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