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12/17/2014 Edskins, Jersey Guy, Spikes

Hour 1

Uden vs. Obert Is The Best | Chris Conte’s Comments About His Future Health | Conte Reaction | Men In Jerseys

  • Hour 1
  • Dec 17th 2014

Hour 2

Grown Men In Jerseys | Howard Beck (NBA) Interview | Man Cave Email | Heroes In Sports

  • Hour 2
  • Dec 17th 2014

Hour 3

Brandon Spikes (NFL) Interview | Larry Krystkowiak (NBA) Interview | Lance In Topeka Tries To Get In | Huge Tweets

  • Hour 3
  • Dec 17th 2014


Brandon Spikes

The Bills linebacker on their 2014 Season: “We’ve overcome a lot of adversity this season.”

  • Brandon Spikes
  • Dec 17th 2014

Howard Beck

The Bleacher Report writer on hearing that the Kings’ fired Mike Malone: “Stunned.”

  • Howard Beck
  • Dec 17th 2014

Larry Krystkowiak

The Utah coach on Delon Wright: “He’s a special player.”

  • Larry Krystkowiak
  • Dec 17th 2014


Half Old Man / Half Amazing

Steph Curry likes to say the NBA is a Man’s Game.
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Hail To The Edskins

The biggest BS flying out of our nation’s capital isn’t coming from your congressmen; it’s this nonsense about the Jay Gruden – Robert Griffin relationship deteriorating.
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Lose The Glove And The Cap, Alex

Alex Rodriguez is gearing up for his return after missing all of last year for drugs. And reportedly still considers himself a third baseman.
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Sweet Look, Barclays

Remember when the Brooklyn Nets were going to have the coolest crib in sports? Neither do I.
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No Pats Apparel At Aaronthal Trial

There’s really no appropriate place for an adult to wear another adult’s jersey… but what’s the worst place? At work?. At church? Nope. At a murder trial.
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Sorry Trest

The latest news from the Chicago Bears is burying the needle on my BS Detector.
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