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12/16/2014 Smokin’ Jay, J. Football, Scandrick

Hour 1

No More Excuses About Jay Cutler | Orlando Scandrick (NFL) Interview | Scandrick Reaction | #ThingsOrlandoScandrickLikes

  • Hour 1
  • Dec 16th 2014

Hour 2

Scandrick Beating The Sick Kid In Madden | J. Football’s Got To Get To Work | Larry Foote (NFL) Interview | Foote Thoughts

  • Hour 2
  • Dec 16th 2014

Hour 3

DeMarco Murray Injury Update | Amateur Move In Sac Town | Gary Andersen (College Football) Interview | Tweets

  • Hour 3
  • Dec 16th 2014


Gary Andersen

The head coach on accepting the Oregon State job: “I knew it was the place I wanted to be.”

  • Gary Andersen
  • Dec 16th 2014

Larry Foote

The Arizona linebacker on Bruce Arians: “He’s very confident.”

  • Larry Foote
  • Dec 16th 2014

Orlando Scandrick

The Cowboys cornerback on Dez Bryant: “He’s a great talent.”

  • Orlando Scandrick
  • Dec 16th 2014


Smoke Em If You Got Em, Jay

Another nationally televised Bears embarrassment. And more misconceptions about Jay Cutler.
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Pump The Brakes, Drew

Now is not the time to put the petal to the metal.
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25 Down, 57 To Go

Strange day in LA. If temperatures are plummeting into the mid 50s, then why is half this town having a party?
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Go To Work, John

Listening to Johnny Manziel reflect on his first start, I’m reminded of a frat boy trying to piece together the bender from the night before.
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See You In The Smack-Off

You think of the greatest smack talkers in sports history – the same names always come to mind: Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Andrew Luck.
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Straight Amateur Move By Vivek Ranadive

Fired Mike Malone? They should have thanked him. He’s the one that kept this team together in the rugged west when Boogie went down; and Malone’s the biggest reason Rudy Gay re-signed.
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