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12/12/2014 LA Storm, Mt. Mamba, Boomer

Hour 1

Mt. Mamba Erupts | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Storm Central In Los Angeles | Darren Sharper Indicted

  • Hour 1
  • Dec 12th 2014

Hour 2

Nick In LA Is In Trouble | Cameron Heyward (NFL) Interview | The Mumps? | J. Football’s Crew

  • Hour 2
  • Dec 12th 2014

Hour 3

BA’s Antics | Kevon Looney (College Basketball) Interview | Week That Was | Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Dec 12th 2014


Boomer Esiason

The former quarterback on Johnny Manziel’s first NFL start this Sunday: “I don’t know what to expect really.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Dec 12th 2014

Cameron Heyward

The Steelers defensive end on their postseason drought: “I haven’t been to the playoffs since my rookie season.”

  • Cameron Heyward
  • Dec 12th 2014

Kevon Looney

The freshman forward on why he chose to play at UCLA: “Love the whole atmosphere.”

  • Kevon Looney
  • Dec 12th 2014


Mt. Mamba Finally Erupted

Mamba’s Gonna Mamba, and we’ve officially arrived at Charmin Smack.
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We’ve Gone Full Circle

So Rams-Cards wasn’t an instant classic. Big deal. What do you want to watch instead on a Thursday Night- The Biggest Loser?
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BA’s Hustle

And another thing about that game. I don’t care even if it ended 2-nothing in Overtime. I’ll sit around and watch Bruce Arians anytime.
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Can You Hear That?

Johnny Manziel finally gets his first start Sunday. And it should have happened sooner.
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Grab A Hanky And Hit The Bricks

Give the Chicago Bears this. At least somebody in that organization is showing some emotion.
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The Great Mump Scare Of 2014

Hockey Toughness has finally met its match – MUMPS.
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