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1/21/2015 The Patriot Way, Harbro, Hope

Hour 1

The Patriot Way | Deflating The Football Is Cheating | Mark Turgeon (College Basketball) Interview

  • Hour 1
  • Jan 21st 2015

Hour 2

Tony Finau (Golf) Interview | Jim Harbro And Gatorade | Visit Your Mom Sunday

  • Hour 2
  • Jan 21st 2015

Hour 3

Barroid Tutoring A-Fraud? | Sam Amick (NBA) Interview | Awesome Rocky Story

  • Hour 3
  • Jan 21st 2015


Tony Finau

PGA golfer shares his story with Van Smack.

  • Tony Finau
  • Jan 21st 2015

Sam Amick

NBA Insider describes the Los Angeles Clippers’ season: “Falling asleep at the wheel.”

  • Sam Amick
  • Jan 21st 2015

Mark Turgeon

Maryland coach on their most recent win over Michigan State: “We put it all together.”

  • Mark Turgeon
  • Jan 21st 2015


The Patriot Way

Welcome to Deflate Gate – Day 3, where we’ve learned that Hood Belichick got to his 6th Super Bowl by way of 11 floppy footballs.
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New England’s Deflated, Seattle’s Elated

Super Bowl 49 hasn’t even started and the Seahawks are already winning. And they’re probably laughing.
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The Future Of The Lakers

Not to fear Laker fan: Swaggy P has a plan.
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Jim Harbro

Jim Harbaugh recently hired his son, Jay, to be an assistant on his staff at Michigan.
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