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12/11/2014 Wisconsin, Dodgers, #69

Hour 1

Wisconsin Is Bent At Andersen Leaving | Freidman’s Working His Plan | Madison Calls In On Andersen | Emails

  • Hour 1
  • Dec 11th 2014

Hour 2

Wisconsin In Shock | Jon Morosi (MLB) Interview | Steve Lavin (College Basketball) Interview | Inside The Gronk

  • Hour 2
  • Dec 11th 2014

Hour 3

Gruden’s Hatred Towards Bob | Devin McCourty (NFL) Interview | The Best Team In The NBA | L.A.’s Weather Conditions

  • Hour 3
  • Dec 11th 2014


Devin McCourty

Devin on playing in San Diego filled with New England fans: “It almost felt like a bowl game.”

  • Devin McCourty
  • Dec 11th 2014

Steve Lavin

The St. John’s coach on his 2014-15 teams potential: “I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface.”

  • Steve Lavin
  • Dec 11th 2014

Jon Morosi

The Fox Sports Insider on Matt Kemp in San Diego: “He’s now going to be extremely motivated.”

  • Jon Paul Morosi
  • Dec 11th 2014


LA Throws Down For The Zellweger Package

The Dodgers are going psychotic! They’re beating the league up! And MLB needs help!!
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The Grudes’ Hatred Of The Griff

Think of the thing you hate most, I guarantee Jay Gruden hates Bob Griffin even more.
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Good ol #69

It’s about time we all Get To Know the Gronk. We see him beasting over safeties on Sunday. We laugh at him partying on the Internet. But who’s the REAL Robert Paxton Gronkowski?
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It’s Time For LA To Front-Run

Can you feel it? We’re just hours away from Rams v. Cardinals kickoff, and I can’t wait.
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Best Team In The League

I’d love to hype the Clip Show for winning 9 games in a row. But their biggest rivals won’t let me.
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A Slap In The Face To Wisconsin

Nebraska hiring Mike Riley didn’t see Andersen to Oregon State coming.
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