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11/7/2014 Prime Time Dalton, Nash

Hour 1

Andy Dalton In Prime Time | Boomer Esiason (NFL) Interview | Steve Nash Goes Bynum Dumb | Nash Reaction

  • Hour 1
  • Nov 7th 2014

Hour 2

Jeremy Hill’s Take On The Browns | Richard Pitino (College Basketball) Interview | Caleb In Green Bay Gets Racked | Nuggets Troll Job

  • Hour 2
  • Nov 7th 2014

Hour 3

#JukeBoxFriday | Greg Little’s Big Game | Week That Was | Huge Tweets Contest

  • Hour 3
  • Nov 7th 2014


Boomer Esiason

The former Cincinnati’ quarterback on Andy Dalton: “There’s a crisis in confidence out there.”

  • Boomer Esiason
  • Nov 7th 2014

Richard Pitino

The Minnesota’ coach on if he beats his dad, Rick: “I’m sure he’ll be pissed off.”

  • Richard Pitino
  • Nov 7th 2014


2 Sport Athlete, 5 Category Idiot

TMZ Sports reports: Jameis Winston may have been involved in a point shaving scheme to help an old high school teammate win a $5,000 bet.
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Cincy In Prime Time

Get out the brown bags, Bengals fans. That was one of the worst nights ever for a franchise that’s had hundreds of them.
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Cleveland Rocks

We haven’t seen football this good from the Cleveland Browns since Arthur Modell ripped them from the locals and bounced for Baltimore.
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Nothing more annoying this week than fantasy owners panicking over a Bye Week they didn’t see coming.
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Spurs Benching Night

Normally I’d say that NBA Theme nights are played and lame. Star Wars Night. Disco Night.
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Nash Goes Bynum-Dumb

The Lakers haven’t won a game, and their fans are furious at a guy who hasn’t even PLAYED a game.
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