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11/6/2014 Cavs, Erv, Clippers

Hour 1

Cleveland Dream Team | Erv Goes Legend On Twitter | Lee Jenkins (NBA) Interview | Erv Tweets

  • Hour 1
  • Nov 6th 2014

Hour 2

Dennis Dodd (College Football) Interview | Plane Over Jets’ Practice | Ryan Anderson (NBA) Interview | Anderson Reaction

  • Hour 2
  • Nov 6th 2014

Hour 3

The Battle To End The Humiliation | R-E-L-A-X Cleveland | Romo Playing Sunday | Huge Tweets

  • Hour 3
  • Nov 6th 2014


Ryan Anderson

The Pelicans’ forward on Anthony Davis: “He’s such a good guy.”

  • Ryan Anderson
  • Nov 6th 2014

Lee Jenkins

The SI’ writer on if it’s going to get any better for the 0-5 Los Angeles Lakers: “No”

  • Lee Jenkins
  • Nov 6th 2014

Dennis Dodd

The CBS Sports’ writer on how likely would it be if Alabama makes the playoff: “I just have a feeling they will.”

  • Dennis Dodd
  • Nov 6th 2014


Straight Twitter Fire

Magic Johnson was always the smartest cat on the court, because he could see things before they happened… and yesterday he was dropping knowledge dimes up and down Twitter.
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Coach Em Up, Doc

I’ll give you my take on the Warriors waxing the Clippers. But first I’ll let Doc Rivers give his. Take it away, G. “They are a better team right now, and by a lot.”
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R-E-L-A-X, C-Town

Cleveland got back the best player on the planet. But the Cavs have one of the worst records in the East.
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Bad Call, Jer

Right now about 10 thousand miles from here, Tony Romo’s probably popping some Nuprin and getting another injection. Because the quarterback with a broken back was on the practice field in the UK today.
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The Mamba’s Not Going Anywhere

Well, you knew this was inevitable. But the SI.com headline still really leaps off the browser: “It’s Time to Consider Trading Kobe” Of course it is. Great player. God awful team. Standard OP.
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Can The GM

Typically, if you see a plane dragging a message across the sky it’s a corporate promotion or a cheeseball marriage proposal. Goobers who pop the question on the stadium jumbotron think proposing with a bi-plane is baggy. But one Jets fan changed the game.
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The Battle To End The Humiliation

Any Browns fans want to impress your wingman at the wing bar while you’re watching the game tonight?
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